AEE HQ USA regularly conducts certified training Courses in the field of Energy and keep visiting the website   for update on various certifications which are recognized world wide. About AEE event and conferences, please keep visiting for update

AEE Pakistan Chapter is making efforts and is in process of the getting license for  AEE Certifications in Pakistan as the license for local courses calls for very stringent rules of AEE  to be followed and we hope that in near future we will be successful in conducting AEE certifications ( CEM and CEA) in Pakistan.

Similarly AEE HQ USA and AEE Pakistan Chapter regularly conducts free Webinars on different topics and all members and non-members are invited to attend free webinars on different topics. Webinars are delivered by Academia and Industry experts from Pakistan.


First batch of CEA Training in Pakistan

Under the project Sustainable Energy Initiative for Industries in Pakistan implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF), the 1st Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) training in Pakistan was conducted by international trainers from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). The training was attended by 22 professionals, including 3 women, out of which 14 passed the examination and are now qualified as Certified Energy Auditors.

This training is part of the capacity building component of the project which seeks to increase the technical knowledge and expertise of energy professionals on energy efficient (EE) and renewable energy (RE) technologies in the Pakistan .

During the closing session of the training, Mr. Masroor Ahmed Khan UNIDO National Project Manager highlighted the training contribution towards complying with energy auditing international standards in the country.

First batch of CEM Training in Pakistan

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) organized several Certified Energy Manager (CEM) courses in major cities of Pakistan. The trainings and examinations were conducted locally by international trainers from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), a renowned energy certifying institute in the USA. The CEM course is part of an ambitious training program under the project "Sustainable Energy Initiative for Industries in Pakistan" implemented by UNIDO in collaboration with Ministry of Climate Change and funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF). The CEM training was attended by 28 professionals, including four women, from different industrial sectors mainly Textiles, Foundry, Paper & Pulp, Food & Diary. The two weeks training was conducted at Bulleh Shah Packaging Ltd in Lahore and at Tata Pakistan Ltd in Karachi.

The training will help to build a national critical mass of energy professionals to better equip the industry for the coming energy challenges. The trainees expressed their full satisfaction on the training course which directly supports the enhancement of national technical capacity in the field of energy efficiency. They shared that the training will definitely help their organizations to implement ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems improving their quality of service and decreasing their utilities cost by adopting global best practices on energy efficiency.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the National Project Manager, Mr. Masroor Ahmed Khan, highlighted UNIDO efforts to impart quality training in order to promote the active adoption of energy management systems in the industrial sector. Besides, the international trainer from AEE, Mr. Tareq Obeido expressed his delight on conducting this training in Pakistan and was quick to admit the competence and eagerness to learn by the participants.