AEE stands for Association of Energy Engineers which is a global organization having more than 18,000 members, a network of more than 100 local chapters in 98 counties and AEE Pakistan Chapter is one of them.

 AEE Pakistan chapter was formed  in 2018 by Energy Professionals from Academia and Industry and its charter was approved in 2020. The aim of AEE Pakistan Chapter is to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy sector and to foster action for Sustainable Green Development through promoting RE & EE in Pakistan.


1. To create awareness among people and organizations about energy savings, energy management and clean technologies through seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings and dialogues, etc.

2. To work for meeting Energy Management and Renewable Energy Targets of Pakistan.

3. To promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry.

4. To create a platform for sharing and exchanging of knowledge among stakeholders.

5. To give policy advisory services to Government for promoting the culture of RE & EE in Pakistan

6. To collaborate with reputable International and National bodies engaged in the Energy industry/sector to policy making towards green energies.

7. To strengthen the capacity of the members of the organization.

8. To promote the best energy practices being followed globally and its implementation in collaboration with national stakeholders for achieving the national energy goals

9. To promote gender mainstreaming in the energy sector. 



218 Main Ferozpur Road         Lahore, Pakistan.                                  Email: info@aeepak.org                      website: www.aeepak.org